CEO Greeting

CEO SolGent 2.0 Begin Again

Thank you for visiting SolGent’s website. For the past 19 years, SolGent grown as a company specialized in human molecular diagnostics projects. In celebration of its 20th anniversary, the company announced its vision of a new start, “SolGent 2.0” and is growing as a bio leader in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Sturdily amassed genome analysis technology and molecular diagnostic technology have become the prominent foundation of the molecular diagnostic market, and SolGent supply products and services with the highest quality to more than 25 countries including domestic research institutes, examination centers, medical institutions and universities.

In particular, as “precision medicine,” which analyzes genomes to prevent and predict diseases, becomes a new medical paradigm, SolGent develops and supplies various genome analysis services including for cancer, and expands and applies these services to agricultural products to build the AG-BIO platform. Based on its innovative technology, SolGent develops NADPH coenzyme fixed quantity measurement products

All the employees at SolGent want to repay our customer’s trust and love. As SolGent applies changes to its overall management to build a better future, it will grow into a first-class company by developing new ideas and innovative technologies.


Do-su Seok, Jae-Hyung You / CEO